Missing Scenes from the 1st Edition of Dark Space IV: Revenge

Chapter 15 (You only have to read the last part of the chapter, from "sonic booms")

PDF Option darkspace4chapter15edition2.pdf

HTML Option darkspace4chapter15edition2.html

Chapter 17 (You only have to read the last part of the chapter from "The rail car began slowing down")

PDF Option darkspace4chapter17edition2.pdf

HTML Option darkspace4chapter17edition2.html

Chapter 20 (You only have to read the first scene with Captain Caldin on the Bridge of the Intrepid)

PDF Option darkspace4chapter20edition2.pdf

HTML Option darkspace4chapter20edition2.html

If none of these options meet your satisfaction, please send me an e-mail at [email protected], and I'll be sure to help you figure out how to get your free copy of the book!

Best Regards,
Jasper T. Scott

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